Travel Hacks: Tips for saving money while on holidays

Mar 27, 2023

Holidays with kids can be incredibly enjoyable and fun, but without careful consideration and planning, it could end up stressful rather than relaxing. Fortunately, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks for holidaying with kids that will make your next trip as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!

The keys to success are pre-planning, spending in line with your values and planning your packing ahead of time. Plus, don’t forget to include activities that YOU enjoy as an adult in addition to the family friendly attractions – you deserve some relaxation too!

Pre-Planning: Book your accommodation and events in advance — it’s a great way to avoid the disappointment of being turned away due to full-bookings, and it’s typically more cost-effective too. Research activities you can all enjoy beforehand, as this will help keep boredom (and costs) at bay. Nobby Beach Holiday Village offers discounts on Gold Coast attractions that come in handy when exploring nearby attractions. Just remember to prioritise some relaxation time while your here!

With Nobby Beach Café and Dining Precinct across the road, you wont have far to walk for breakfast, lunch and dinner, (read about our favourite restaurants and café spots) and for those who like to cook you can arrange grocery deliveries from Coles or Woolworths (tip: book the arrival time after your check-in time). The village additionally has an onsite mini-mart stocking everything from treats to Band-Aids and insect repellent.

Budgeting: whether it be on eating out, activities or souvenirs, budget for these ahead of time. Allocate the kids a dollar amount to spend on holidays (they can use it on ice creams, in our games room or at kids’ club during the holidays, cash is fine, but a prepaid card like Spriggy is not only fun to use but a great alternative to carrying around all that pocket money). They will not only learn the value of a dollar but will learn great lifelong budgeting skills. If you plan and allocate according to your values there won’t be any surprises budget-wise.

What to pack: And don’t forget: download our packing checklist before setting off on holiday and leave the stress behind!




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