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Apr 8, 2020

This year, Easter will be a little different for many of our past guests and whilst this year was planned to be our best Easter yet, we have unfortunately had to defer our Easter plans until Easter 2021, (we hope to see you all then). Whilst our plans have changed we have decided to dedicate this week to helping you to make Easter fun with you family at home, with Easter Recipes, Crafts and a jam packed Easter Sunday Funday Activities Guide which is sure to make this Easter memorable.

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Easter Sunday Funday Activity Guide

  • Start the morning with an Easter Scavenger Hunt courtesy of Little EllaBella Designs. You can hide the clues with chocolate eggs to find on the way or plastic eggs filled with anything you like from puzzle pieces to Easter stickers, rubbers, stamps, gummy bears, sultanas, mini cookies, Barbie clothes and accessories, Lego pieces…. and at the last clue hide the big Easter gift, egg or bag.
  • While the kids a busy with their scavenger hunt, why not create a fun Easter breakie like Easter Bunny Pancakes. Check out this great recipe here courtesy of Mouths of Mums.


  • The fun continues with Easter Games Galore:
    • Egg and spoon race – feel free to use boiled eggs or plastic ones. For a bit of messy fun, don’t boil your eggs. For another twist, turn the race into an obstacle course around the yard or house.
    • Egg toss – grab a bucket and some eggs (plastic are perfect). Stand one metre away and see how many eggs you can get in the bucket, then repeat standing two metre’s away. For a twist, grab a carton of raw eggs and pass to a team member instead of the bucket. After each successful catch, the players must take one step backward so that the tosses are longer and longer. Be warned this is messy but so much fun and is better played outdoors.
    • Bunny Hop Pillow Sack Race – grab some old pillow cases to turn into a sack. Set up each player with a sack and have them race to the finish line. For a twist you could set up an obstacle course for the family to jump around with hula hoops, chairs and buckets.
    • Pin the tail on the Bunny – draw a large bunny on a piece of butcher’s paper (or attach 2 or more A4 sheets together with sticky tape). Draw fluffy bunny tails and attach double sided tape to the back (draw the same amount as people in your house) or grab some cotton wool and attached with glue or double sided tape. Blind fold each player, spin them 3 times and get them to attach the tail to the bunny. The person with the tail closest to the target wins. Print our Bunny Template here (print on A3 paper) and our Tail Template here.

      Pin the Tail on the Bunny

    • Easter Treasure hunt with a twist – Use plastic eggs, fill each one with a set of fun actions to do, then hide them around the house or yard. Print our fun actions here.
  • In the evening have a family disco, where you can play fun games like musical statues, however when the music stops you must freeze like a bunny. Grab a broom stick and play limbo. Make up your own dance moves and dance the night away.
  • When everyone is all danced out, grab some popcorn or the Easter Egg Popcorn treat from our Facebook post on Tuesday 7th April 2021 and watch a family fun Easter movie like Hop.

Wishing you a safe and fun Easter from our family to yours!

Happy Easter from our team to yours


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